Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Guinea-Bissau

The West African nation of Guinea-Bissau is a former Portuguese colony that is bordered by Guinea, Senegal and the Atlantic Ocean. One of the world’s poorest countries, it has struggled politically with a civil war and a number of coups impacting any possible development and it relies on foreign aid to kick start the economy. Instability and mismanagement have led to an underdeveloped system with barely $140 million being exported in 2012. The main exports are fish, shrimp and cashew nuts, while they import machinery and transport equipment. It isn’t a hotspot for tourism but there are gems amongst this troubled country that entice some people to make the 3,721 mile journey from the UK. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Guinea-Bissau

The search for courier costs to Guinea-Bissau is usually for parcel delivery to the capital of Bissau. With more than 388,000 people living there it is easily the largest city. Alternative destinations include Bafatá, Gabú, Bissorã, Bolama and Cacheu. The infrastructure is basic but improving, as with most poor countries, and roads away from Bissau are usually unpaved but four seaports and airports are available for delivery services in Guinea-Bissau. The country uses 4-digit postcodes for any item sent there. In Bissau, for example, you would use 1000. 

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