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Known as the centre of the Mayan heartland, Guatemala is brimming with cultural and natural riches, including ancient ruins, a lush rainforest and the charming colonial capital of Guatemala City. It is one of the more captivating destinations in Central America. The vibrant and colourful country has experienced a somewhat unsteady past, beginning with a millennia of Mayan civilization, 300 years of Spanish rule and nearly 40 years plagued by guerrilla war. However, a signing of the 1996 Peace Accord prompted an improvement in human welfare and an immediate expansion into international markets and the development of several trade agreements. The UK is among the many nations dedicated to fostering the country’s growth. It is Guatemala’s largest investor and several UK companies already operate in the country. As a result, there is you can find cheap parcel delivery services to Guatemala. Tourism remains a large contributor to the country’s economic growth with over two million people visiting each year. The country, while not the most advanced, does offer a sense of adventure and an extremely rewarding experience to those willing to explore its riches and nourish its development. 

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Guatemala has Central America’s largest economy and it is the region’s most populous state. It also shows great potential to drastically increase its economic growth – something that the UK and other markets have recognised. As Guatemala looks to grow, aid from UK businesses will be beneficial, since there is a great demand for infrastructure and for more innovative products and services. This too, will increase the demand for more efficient and cost-effective parcel delivery to Guatemala. The country has three main commercial ports that account for nearly 77% of total cargo that is handled. Land and air transportation are also expanding significantly. Additionally, the country’s central location makes it a great hub for accessing nearby countries such as El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras and Belize. Guatemala’s postal codes represent various zones in Guatemala City, and by departments and municipalities in other regions. The zones in Guatemala City end in the numbers ranging from 01 to 21. 

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The UK and Guatemala have long-established bilateral ties that have yielded economic growth and well-developed courier services to Guatemala. As the UK and other markets are recognising Guatemala’s potential to drastically increase economic growth through trade, the development of more widespread and advanced transport infrastructure will improve courier services and postage prices to Guatemala. Currently, there are several companies offering parcel delivery, however, My Parcel Delivery offers some of the cheapest prices and the most reliable service. For example, the MPD International Drop-off service delivers a package within three to five days from just £29.63 including VAT. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]