Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Grenada

Almost 4,500 miles from the UK and a one-stop 11-hour flight time away, the “Island of Spice” as it is known is a popular tourist destination. Found off the coast of Venezuela in the Lesser Antilles, the former French and British colony is filled with beautiful scenery and has enjoyed a boom in investment over recent years. Known for the exotic smell of nutmeg and mace that wafts over the country, it is one of the world’s largest exporters of these crops and also works with bananas, cocoa and clothing. The small and open economy means that trade is large but they have shifted from agriculture-dominant to services-dominant in the last couple of decades. Whether you are looking for cheap postage to Grenada for trade or tourism, get a head start on the growing demand with My Parcel Delivery. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Grenada

The capital is the hillside-backed city of St. George’s. Well-developed and a popular tourist destination, it has a horseshoe-shaped harbour and is home to around 8,000 people. Most parcel courier to Grenada demands are for here but other cities like Gouyare, Grenville, Victoria, Saint David’s, Sauteurs and Hillsborough are also popular. Postcodes aren’t used in the country but the Grenada postal authority recommend adding (West Indies) after the country. Entry points to the country come in the form of airports and seaports, and there are highways throughout that are used by delivery services in Grenada.

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