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Known for the tourist-friendly Barbary macaques, dramatic rocky cliffs, prehistoric caves, Moorish architecture and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and Morocco, Gibraltar is unlike any other place. While it is small in size, the British territory does reach great heights of 426m. The Rock of Gibraltar, perhaps the greatest physical and aesthetic attribute, also has a densely populated city area and is home to the famed tailless monkeys that have roamed the land for over a thousand years. Situated between Europe and Africa, Gibraltar, has long been a point of contention among the UK who first colonized it in the 18th century and the Spanish.  Still, the self-governing territory is British through and through and continues to serve as a strategic UK military base. Gibraltar has a population of almost 30,000, however, the nearly twelve million visitors a year, make it seem much more crowded. Although Gibraltarians are British citizens, there are nearly 4,327 UK British natives who have relocated and helped drive the competitive market for courier services to Gibraltar. Gibraltar’s economy is largely based on tourism, financial services and shipping. 

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While more like a towering rock, the 5km-long limestone ridge encompasses a total of 7sqkm. Despite its small size, it offers a mesmerising mix of cultures, a rich history and zest for life. Gibraltar serves as a great hub for travel and international businesses because of its proximity to other locales and low tax system. It shares a border with the Province of Cádiz in Spain. It is also a three-hour flight from London and 40 minutes by plane and over an hour by ferry from Morocco. Transportation to Gibraltar is possible by plane, boat and car by way of Spain. With paved roads, travelling the land is fast and easy, as too is parcel delivery in Gibraltar. When sending post, a postcode is not required for local mail. However, the entire territory uses the single postcode of GX11 1AA for all addresses. 

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Whether it’s a business move to Gibraltar for the favourable tax system, a travel to-do list including a close encounter with Europe’s only wild monkeys, or a respite from England without truly leaving behind UK culture, Gibraltar is a unique and enigmatic place. As a result of its relationship with the UK, you can find a range of efficient and cheap parcel delivery services to Gibraltar. MPD International offers some of the cheapest postage to Gibraltar. The MPD International Drop-Off service will deliver a parcel within three to five days for just £23.49 including VAT. [Prices correct as of 20/08/2015]