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While small, the French Guiana astounds with its colonial architecture, diverse flora and fauna, advanced modern technology and a rich past. The country is however, the largest French overseas department. Located along the north Atlantic coast of South America, the country’s beauty shines through its pristine jungles, indigenous communities and vibrant culture. French Guiana has multicultural ties that include the French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and British. The Spanish first explored the area in the 1500’s. The French followed suit and officially acquired the land in 1667. The French started deporting convicts to the island and making it a notorious penal settlement until 1951. While the country’s past is dark and multifaceted, its natural beauty and welcoming people make it a pleasant and inviting country to visit. Many travellers are drawn to the Guiana Space Centre, which is now the European Space Agency's primary launch site near the equator and the primary source of economic stability – approximately one fourth of its GDP. While the country has had long-established ties to Britain and France, it is a part of the European Union, which means that courier services to French Guiana are fast and can be relatively cheap. 

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The small country is bordered by Brazil and Suriname. Unlike most of the South American countries, French Guiana does not have stretches of pristine coastline and white sand beaches. The country does however, have an unspoilt jungle that rewards with monkey and turtle sightings and the warm embrace of locals. French Guiana has a low population density and the majority of its people live in the metropolitan capital city of Cayenne. Approximately two-fifths of the country’s roads are paved. The dense, forested interior remains largely uninhabited and underdeveloped. Main ports include Dégrad des Cannes, Larivot, Saint-Laurent du Moroni, and Kourou. There is also an international airport in Cayenne and it is serviced by two direct flights from Paris every day. Long-established courier services to French Guiana have given way to fast and reliable delivery. The country utilises a postal code system that ranges from 97300 to 97390.

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Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Brazilian Amazon, the small country of French Guiana packs a punch with its verdant jungles, magnificent wildlife and mesmerising culture. The country, steeped in French heritage, offers visitors a glimpse of South America, but with the finances and glam of a European country. With ties to Europe that date back centuries, it is evident that parcel courier to French Guiana is well established and cheap. My Parcel Delivery can help you search for some of the cheapest courier services to French Guiana. The MPD International Drop-off service delivers a parcel within three to five days and costs from just £29.05 including VAT. [Prices correct as of 03/09/2015]