Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Estonia

The UK has played a significant role in supporting Estonia’s economic growth and stability since its independence from Soviet Russia – the UK is ranked as Estonia’s 9th largest trading partner. Often called the “European Silicon Valley,” Estonia is known for its high-tech industry and for being a popular destination for those looking to enter a career in technology or develop a start-up – which is why having cheap parcel delivery to Estonia is imperative. The country also ranks highly for quality of life, civil liberties and academia. With programs that push for cross-cultural exchanges and allow for restriction-free travel between the two nations, there has been an increase in the number of UK visitors and the need for delivery services to Estonia. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Estonia

Estonia’s transportation infrastructure includes rail, road and water navigation systems. All international flights go to Tallinn, the country’s capital and despite only being 17,413 square miles in total area and having a population of just 1.3m, it’s a fairly developed country and easy to navigate. It’s easy to send a parcel to Estonia with the use of trusted and reliable courier services.

The postal code for Estonia is based on a five-digit system. The first two numbers refer to the district, while the last three indicate the office, delivery round or customer receiving the parcel.

Compare parcel delivery services to Estonia

With a multitude of options, sending a parcel to Estonia is nice and simple. Courier companies like DPD and UPS offer competitive prices for parcel delivery to Estonia. Meanwhile, My Parcel Delivery International offer the cheapest services to Estonia saving you money on your delivery costs, while creating a hassle-free experience. Prices start from £27.61+VAT (all prices correct at 23/02/2018).