Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Eritrea

Found in the peninsula known as the Horn of Africa, on the east of the continent, Eritrea covers an area of 45,405 square miles and has a recent history of military conflict with Yemen and Ethiopia. A fragile state, the former Italian colony has been independent for more than 50 years but development has been hindered by the secretive political landscape of the country. Despite this, the economy has grown considerably over recent years and continues to grow slowly year on year as Eritrea attempts to create a modern economy. Its main exports have tended to come from industries like beverages, cement, clothing and textiles, food processing, sorghum and salt but it is just starting to tap into its gold reserves which are likely to add millions and increase the demand for cheap postage to Eritrea. With a connecting flight needed to reach the country some 3,333 miles away from the UK, tourism isn’t large and whilst it continues to be at odds with neighbours this is unlikely to change. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Eritrea

The capital of Asmera is the largest city in the country and found in the central region, 7,628 feet above sea level and home to around 10% of the 6.5 million population. Other major towns include Keren, Massawa, Assab, Mendefera, Barentu, Adi Keyh, Edd and Dek’emhāre. Like most African countries, postcodes aren’t used here and delivery services in Eritrea have to use the underdeveloped transport infrastructure to deliver parcels. There are a number of roads, and the primary ones are fairly well preserved meaning it is possible to get from major towns. To get things into the country, there are three International Airports at Massawa, Assab and Asmara, while there are also seaports on the Red Sea. 

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Choose between the MPD International Drop-Off and MPD International Export delivery services when you send a parcel to Eritrea. The former gives you the chance to conveniently drop your item off at a local Hermes Parcelshop before it gets a 3-5 day delivery service from as little as £29.63 including VAT. Alternatively, you can choose MPD International Export for a 2-day service to Eritrea with UPS collection where prices start at £36.82 including VAT. Both options come with £15 inclusive cover as well as a fully tracked service for complete peace of mind. [Prices correct at 9/9/2015]