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For this small, central African country, the name says it all – indicating its location near the equator and the Gulf of Guinea. After 190 years of Spanish rule, the country gained independence in 1968. However, it remains the only country in Africa with Spanish as an official language. The country consists of two parts, a mainland region and five inhabited islands and is home to approximately 740,743 people. The country is sub-Saharan Africa’s third largest producer of oil and, due to its large offshore oil reserves, it has experienced rapid economic growth. Equatorial Guinea is the richest country per capita in Africa and is number 52 in the world.  The country is currently looking for ways to diversify its economy and foreign investment. There are several opportunities for British businesses, especially in agriculture, fishing and in the financial and professional services. Long-lasting relations with Spain and other European countries have given way to trusted courier services to Equatorial Guinea and new opportunities with the UK will make for even cheaper parcel delivery to Equatorial Guinea. 

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Equatorial Guinea offers plenty of adventures and picturesque landscapes including scenic coasts, volcanic wonders and Spanish Colonial towns. The country consists of two parts. The island region encompasses the island of Bioko, the site of the country’s capital, Malabo. The second is the small volcanic island of Annobó. Meanwhile, Río Muni comprises the mainland region and consists of several small islands. It is bordered by Cameroon and Gabon and is home to the country’s largest city, Bata, and its future capital city, Oyala. The country’s importance as an oil prouder has made it an international hub for transportation. In 2014, carriers making direct flights from Europe and West Africa were permitted to fly to the capital’s international airport. Unlike most countries, it is easier t to travel around the nation and carry out parcel delivery in Equatorial Guinea by car rather than plane. The country also has three major seaports. Postage in Equatorial Guinea does not require the use of a postcode.

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From the colonial town of Bata and the bustling city of Malabo to the lush volcanic hills of Annobó and the sea turtle-clad shores of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea offers a little bit of everything. Exploring its wealth of natural wonders and rich culture is a treat for those who visit and easy to do by way of car. With constant communication to Europe and more Europeans investing in the country, parcel courier to Equatorial Guinea is fast and cheap. My Parcel Delivery offers reliable and cheap courier to Equatorial Guinea.  The MPD International Drop-Off service provides three to five day delivery from just £29.05 including VAT. [Prices correct as of 03/09/2015] Enter your parcel dimensions and weight to get a delivery quote now.