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White sand beaches encircled by turquoise waters, pristine reefs, diverse marine life and stunning views surround the British overseas territory of the Cayman Islands. Luxury resorts, fine dining establishments and shopping centers make for an even more comfortable stay on the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Although its culture is reminiscent of the U.S., its customs and wealth are rooted in the UK. England acquired the Cayman Islands in 1670 and have maintained control ever since. The economy is based on tourism, real estate and financial services. The self-governing territory is widely known for being one of the largest financial centres in the world. It also has more registered businesses than it does people – hence the need for well-developed courier services to the Cayman Islands. Approximately 70% of its GDP is from tourism and nearly two million people visit the islands each year. There are also approximately 2,753 UK natives living there. Given the relationship, post is sent back and forth frequently and, as a result, there is a very efficient and low postal delivery prices to the Cayman Islands.  

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Transport and Courier Routes in Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is located in the Caribbean, south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica. It is also an hour from Miami, Florida and around 10 hours from London. Since the islands are a premier Caribbean destination for holidaymakers, its infrastructure is supreme. Travel to the islands is only possible by plane and boat. The capital city of George Town is located on Grand Cayman and is home to the international airport and main sea port. On land, paved roads make for fast and efficient delivery services in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands utilise PO boxes instead of delivering mail to individual homes and businesses. In addition, post to Cayman must also contain a postal code. The postcode is comprised of seven digits with the first two indicating the ISO country code. The third digit is the island code and the last three are a section code. 

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With its marvellous natural beauty and finance-centred economy, the Cayman Islands is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday, a retirement home or to establish a business. As a British territory, there is constant communication and trade between the two nations and, as a result, trusted courier services to the Cayman Islands. Some of the most noteworthy courier companies offering excellent service and cheap postage to the Cayman Islands include My Parcel Delivery’s MPD International services, Parcelforce, Hermes and UPS. For as low as £36.82 including VAT, MPD’s convenient International Export service will collect a parcel from your home and provide 3-5 day delivery to the Cayman Islands (All prices were correct on 19/08/15).