Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Cameroon

The unification of a British colony and a French colony in 1961 led to the creation of Cameroon. Since then there have been numerous disputes and allegations of corruption despite the Central African country enjoying investment in education, transport, health care and agriculture. The exportation of goods like crude oil petrol, lumber, cocoa beans and aluminium brings in around $5.5 billion from trade partners as the economy grows slowly but surely. A gorgeous country to visit, you can enjoy rainforest, beaches and varied landscapes with the 3,130 mile trip to Cameroon and the growth of tourism has aided the growth of parcel couriers to Cameroon.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Cameroon

Postcodes are not used for delivery services in Cameroon, so the address will simply be the street and city where you are sending your item. The capital is the large inland city of Yaounde, although the coastal city of Douala is similar in size. Other areas of the country that are popular for deliveries include Garoua, Kousséri, Bamenda, Maroua, Bafoussam, Mokolo, Ngaoundéreé and Bertoua. Compared to other African countries, the transport links are fairly well-developed for courier services to Cameroon. Railways link the biggest cities, as do airports, navigable waterways and seaports. The road network needs investment but totals more than 30,000 miles throughout the nation. 

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Courier costs to Cameroon are similar to those throughout Africa. Get your item there quickly with the MPD International Export service. From just £36.82 including VAT, you can enjoy express parcel delivery with a 2-day service from UPS. A cheaper option is the MPD International Drop-Off for £29.63 including VAT where you get a 3-5 day service following a drop at your local Hermes store. Both options come with inclusive cover and a fully tracked service that includes SMS alerts and notification emails as standard. [Prices correct as of 20/08/2015]