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This East African country comprises of just 10,745 square miles and, like many African countries, has a history of civil wars and genocide with modern day poverty a huge problem. Burundi gained independence in 1962 but has stumbled through crises ever since. Being landlocked and resource poor, it needs a strong togetherness to become a more stable and richer country. Currently it is agriculture that accounts for around half of the GDP and continues to employ the majority of the work force across the country. It is believed that the country is capable of being self-sufficient but that isn’t currently the case and it exports coffee, tea, sugar and cotton with capital goods, petrol and foodstuffs being imported in return. While cheap parcel delivery to Burundi isn’t of high demand, you can still find great deals for sending with My Parcel Delivery. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Burundi

The western city of Bujumbura, previously called Usumbura, on Lake Tanganyika is the capital of Burundi and exports the majority of the country’s goods. Being significantly bigger than any other city in the country, it is the main destination for delivery services in Burundi but other notable places include Muyinga, Ruyigi, Gitega, Ngozi, Rutana, Bururi and Makamba. For goods getting into the country, the large port at Bujumbura is used, and the capital also boasts an International Airport that is served by numerous large airlines. Within the country, transport infrastructure needs to be improved but roads connect all major towns and cities within Burundi. There is currently no railway, but there are discussions about creating one to connect the country with its neighbours. As with most African countries, postcodes are not used.

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