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Medieval castles and Middle Eastern bazaars are set against dramatic mountain ranges peppered with serene waterfalls and turquoise rivers on one end and the breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea on the other. Bosnia and Herzegovina has an abundance of natural beauty, a rich cultural heritage and a multifaceted history. The small Southeastern European country seamlessly blends East and West as reminders of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires are evident throughout. Once plagued by civil war in the early 1990’s, the country has been restored to its former glory.

It’s one of the top tourist destinations in Europe – a welcomed advancement that will contribute greatly to its economic growth. Currently, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s transitional economy is heavily dependent on exports. Its need for imports opens the doors for foreign trade and the demand for low-cost couriers to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recent years have also given way to a stronger bilateral relationship with the UK and potential candidacy for EU membership. In 2014, the UK was one of the largest contributing countries in terms of investments and it has expressed its commitment to providing socio-economic reforms.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, the host of the 1984 Olympic Winter Games, offers everything from exceptional skiing and rafting adventures to enriching cultural exchanges and history lessons. In total, the country underwent six historical civilizations – all of which have left their mark. Sarajevo is the country’s vibrant capital, while the town of Mostar is one of the most fascinating cities showcasing Ottoman-era architecture. Although the war destroyed most of the country’s buildings and infrastructure, foreign investments have helped with restorations and have led to improved parcel delivery to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Roadways link Sarajevo to the mountains and the bordering nations of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. The country is also only a two hour flight from London. Its postal code consists of five digits with the first two representing the region and the last three the post office. 

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While Bosnia and Herzegovina is aesthetically pleasing, its diverse religions, cultures and warm-hearted people make it a truly enticing place to visit. In addition to its political and economic growth and improved relations with the UK and EU, Bosnia and Herzegovina is positioned to become one of the top tourist destinations and an ideal place for foreign investment. With more people visiting and establishing roots every year, the demand for cheap couriers to Bosnia and Herzegovina has increased. MPD International, Parcelforce and UPS provide reliable services and cheap prices. MPD’s International Drop-off service offers the cheapest parcel delivery option and will deliver a parcel within three to five days for just £23.49 + VAT. UPS’ International Express Saver service however will collect parcels and deliver them within two days for £39.73 + VAT and are available to all business account holders. [Prices correct as of 20/08/2015]