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The South Asian country of Bangladesh is an overwhelming cornucopia of sights, smells and experiences. It is the world’s eighth most populous country with nearly 170,000,000 residents, and the capital city of Dhaka is the most densely populated in the world. However, just beyond the chaotic city and the immense web of rivers lies the country’s most beloved treasures – the world’s largest mangrove forest and the much-revered Bengal tigers. In fact, it’s the breathtaking landscapes, warm, tropical climate, easy-going way of life, rich culture, competitive labour force and friendly people that draw in expats, of which nearly 32,852 are British. The country exercises a peaceful and friendly foreign relations policy. It also has a close tie to the UK, with bilateral interests in security, politics, academia, climate change, economic development and cultural relations. The over half a million Bangladeshi in the UK in conjunction with the nearly 100 UK businesses in the country and a strong demand for consumer products and services,  has increased the need for cheap parcel delivery to Bangladesh. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Bangladesh

More than 700 rivers flow through the country and they account for almost as many kilometres as there are roads. Travelling by boat is commonplace and necessary during periods of widespread flooding. Nearly 40% of the nation’s foreign trade is conducted at ports, some of which included the £131 million of goods exported from the UK in 2014 alone. Roads and railways also account for high amounts of passenger traffic and some freight traffic. The route from Chittagong to Dhaka is the nation’s main trade route and most important corridor. Although transportation on land is not always fast, Bangladesh have come up with innovative ways to travel and incredibly efficient parcel delivery services in Bangladesh. Additionally, the government’s plan to reach middle-income level status by 2021 includes major improvements to infrastructure, trade and the development of skills and labour. Postal codes in Bangladesh are assigned according to population distribution and by postal system. 

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The substantial bilateral relations between Bangladesh and the UK have allowed for substantial trade and economic growth. With future plans to improve the economy, the country will benefit even more from UK investments and businesses. And, as infrastructure improves, courier services to Bangladesh will as well. Currently, the cheapest and most trustworthy parcel delivery services are provided by Parcelforce, UPS and MPD International. For as low as £29.63 including VAT, MPD’s International Drop-off service will send your  parcel to Bangladesh. Those who opt for convenience and speed over low prices, can utilise UPS’ International Express Saver service which collects parcels from a preferred address and guarantees delivery within three days at a price of £50.15 including VAT (all prices were correct on 14/08/2015.