Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Aruba

Just 17 miles off the northern coast of Venezuela, Aruba is in the southern Caribbean Sea, close to the tip of South America. A sovereign state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it is a magnet for American tourists and is one of the most visited islands in the region with beaches and packaged resorts for every traveller. From the UK, flights tend to stop in Miami as you make the 4,676-mile trip to the tropical paradise and it is tourism that the country mainly relies on. One of the most prosperous countries in the Caribbean, it exports well over $312 million worth of goods every year but the open system is reliant on tourism, which brings in most of this. Due to little rainfall and poor soil, agriculture is slow on the island but animal products are part of the exports. Aruba relies on importing and imports around $100 million worth of goods from the UK. Due to the increase in trade and tourism, it is easier than ever to find a cheap courier to Aruba. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Aruba

Oranjestad is the capital of the country with around 30,000 people living there. Other notable cities are the largest city of Babljn as well as Angochi and Arasji. There are no postcodes here and the delivery services in Aruba use the paved, well-connected roads to ensure packages reach their destination. Railways no longer exist here but the network of highways is great for the coastal cities. Points of entry include the international airport and seaports. 

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