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Life’s a beach on this twin-island country that is one of the richest in the Caribbean. With two major islands and a number of smaller islands, Antigua and Barbuda is part of the Lesser Antilles and known for its many beaches and British influence. The tropical climate is what makes tourism one of the biggest sectors in the country and Antigua is just an 8 and a half hour flight direct from London. Also popular with US cruise ships, tourism is a key sector but offshore banking and financial services also bring in a lot of money and increase the demand for low courier costs to Antigua and Barbuda. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Antigua and Barbuda

This is paradise all over but whilst Antigua is home to the majority of the population, Barbuda is fairly undeveloped with just exclusive resorts to choose from. The capital is St. John’s, which is the commercial centre and chief port, and home to most of the 82,000 population. Other notable cities include All Saints, Piggotts, Liberta, Bolands, Potters Village and Codrington. Antigua and Barbuda don’t currently use postcodes for sending or receiving items. Being islands, the country relies on its ports for a lot of the goods entering the country but there is also an international airport. Roads connect the towns and cities but are often steep, winding and unpaved. Despite this, delivery services in Antigua and Barbuda are efficient.

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Send a parcel to Antigua and Barbuda safely and cheaply with My Parcel Delivery. Our courier options come with some inclusive cover and a fully tracked service with notification emails and SMS alerts. For the quickest delivery, we have the MPD International Export option, where for just £36.82 including VAT you can enjoy a 2-day service with a UPS collection. If time isn’t of the essence and you’re looking for a cheaper parcel delivery, our MPD International Drop-Off service allows you to use a parcel courier to Antigua and Barbuda from just £29.63 including VAT. [Prices correct as of 27/08/2015]