Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Andorra

Squeezed into a 181 square mile area in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, Andorra is a tiny principality and the sixth-smallest nation in Europe. Whilst it isn’t a member of the European Union, it uses the Euro and welcomes 10.2 million tourists each and every year. Known for skiing and shopping, the country boasts dramatic scenery and continues to invest millions in its resorts. Accounting for more than three-quarters of the GDP, tourism is high throughout the year but it is also big on banking and trade comes in the form of tobacco products and furniture although there is mining, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing throughout the country. With just 627 miles between the two countries, it is easy to reach Andorra from the UK and the demand for a cheap courier to Andorra continues to rise. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Andorra

The capital of Andorra la Vella is the largest city with around a quarter of the near 80,000 population, and is the main destination for parcel delivery to Andorra. Other towns include Escaldes-Engordany, Encamp, Sant Julià de Lòria and La Massana. Postcodes in the country are made up of 5 characters (AD followed by 3 digits) and when sending a parcel to Escaldes, for example, you would use AD700. This makes delivery services in Andorra a lot easier but the country has no railway or airports and relies solely on transport links from its network of roads. 

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When it comes to getting a parcel delivery quote with My Parcel Delivery to find the cheapest courier to Andorra, you can usually pick from three options. For the quickest delivery, the MPD International Export comes with a 2-day service and UPS collection for £29.92 including VAT. The UPS International Express Saver option also comes with a 2-day service but for the higher cost of £39.73 including VAT. The lowest price comes in the form of the MPD International Drop-Off and from just £22.73 including VAT you can enjoy a 3-5 day delivery service to Andorra. [Prices correct as of 27/08/2015]