Parcel Restricted & Prohibited Items List

Our priority is to ensure that your parcel is delivered quickly and safely every time. Unfortunately, there are some items which couriers either restrict you from sending, or restrict the level of compensation available on. 

Prohibited items are those marked with below. CAN NOT send these items through any courier who you book with My Parcel Delivery.

Restricted items are those marked with below. You CAN send these items through any courier who you book with My Parcel Delivery however this will be on a no compensation basis. If they are lost or damaged in transit you will be unable to make a claim for compensation.

Please be aware batteries cannot be shipped by any air service (Or anything that may contain a battery e.g. laptop)

It's your responsibility to check whether the contents of your parcel appear on the prohibited items list. Sending certain items that appear within this list could result in you facing legal action so if you're not sure, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Item Restricted Prohibited
Animals / Animal skins / Furs / Any Animal Parts / Ivory and ivory products
Aerosol cans / Sprays
Airbag modules
Batteries (standard AA batteries permitted UK to UK, however rechargeable batteries only allowed via UPS; please get in touch before you book to check whether you're safe to send)
Biological samples
Coffee machines
Cosmetics (if you're sending any cosmetics internationally, please contact us to check you're safe to send)
Dangerous goods
Explosives / Fireworks / Christmas crackers
External bodywork (including bumpers, bonnets, trims and scooter frames)
Cement / Ceramic / Marble / China / Stone / Resin - including amorphite, amber and composites / Porcelain / Pottery /Bronze / Plaster items - including plaster of paris and fibre clay (or any item containing these materials)
Currency of any kind (including money, negotiable items, stamps, event tickets, lottery tickets & payment cards)
Dry ice
Any part containing or having contained oil/petrol
Desktop computers
Electric motors (can be sent within the UK, please check before sending internationally)
Environmental waste
Filth, foul smelling or disgusting materials.
Fire extinguishers / Life jackets
Fishing rods
Food (non-perishable) - food that doesn't need to be kept refrigerated  (if you're sending any food products internationally, please contact us to check you're safe to send)
Food (perishable) - food that needs to be kept refrigerated, fresh fruit and vegetables
Fridges and Dehumidifiers
Gasses (including flammable, non-flammable, toxic and compressed gases, gas cylinders, butane, ethane refills for lighters, fire extinguishers and scuba tanks)
Glass items (including lamps, projectors, bulbs, fish tanks & mirrors)
Hazardous goods
Hover scooters / self-balancing scooters / Swegways / Segways (can be shipped within UK by UPS only, but prohibited to send via Parcelforce and internationally)
Human remains including ashes
Infectious substances
Jewellery (including watches, precious metals, stones, diamonds, gold and silver)
Leather products - importing of Leather goods is prohibited to certain countries. Please contact us first.
Legal documents (eg. property deeds, power of attorney documents, divorce documents)
Liquids of any kind (including alcohol, paint, perfumes oil, bleach and adhesives)
Medical Equipment (e.g. ECG monitors - please contact us before sending internationally)
Mobile phones (prohibited to send to selected countries, please contact us before sending internationally)
Musical instruments (unless shipped in a hard case)
Nail Varnish, polish or gel
Passports / Birth certificates / Driving licences
Personal items and effects such as suitcases or personal belongings; even if the items are listed individually (please contact us as Parcelforce will ship but prohibited via DPD)
Pictures / Paintings / Artwork (if you're sending internationally, please contact us to check you're safe to send)
Plants / Seeds
Prescription and non-prescription medicines can be sent within UK on a restricted basis if they are not in liquid form
Please contact us before trying to send any prescription or non-prescription medicines internationally
Pornographic materials
Televisions. TVs larger than 32” (including LCS, plasma, CRT and LED screens) can only be sent using Parcelforce
Temperature controlled goods
Tobacco and tobacco products
Sewing/Knitting machine
Sinks / Toilets or similar
Sharp Instruments (including Knives)
Vehicle parts
Weapons (including replicas)
White goods (including ovens, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, cooker hoods)

General Guidelines

  • If you're sending a pushchair or a pram, we advise you read these guidelines carefully.
  • Be aware that used and second hand items can only be covered for loss and not damage.
  • Maximum compensation cover is available to purchase up to £1000. Items over this value can be sent at your own risk.
  • If you're sending a bike, we advise you read these guidelines carefully.
  • Suitcases and musical instrument cases can only be sent on a no compensation basis and are not covered for loss or damage, however the items in the suitcase can be covered if they are packaged according to the guidelines. See our guide to sending suitcases and personal effects.
  • Couriers will be unable to collect items that do not comply with our packaging guidelines. Your best defence against damage is a correctly packaged parcel so ensure you follow all of our do’s and don’ts.

Special Provisions

In addition to the Restricted and Prohibited items listed below there are some items which have limited compensation levels available as below.

Item Max parcel compensation value
Amplifiers £200
All Laptops (covered for loss only) £200
Musical Instruments (all instruments must be sent in a hard case) £100
Mobile Phones & Tablets (mobile phones with glass screens only covered for loss, not damage) £200
Radiators (covered for loss only, not damage) -