Does My Parcel Delivery offer vouchers?

We do sometimes offer promotion codes, but most of the time you can get great prices on your parcel delivery without needing a promo code. Use our form to compare couriers and see our cheap parcel delivery prices.

Get cheap parcel delivery prices

Do I need a voucher code to get great deals?

Nope. Even without any promo codes we’re a cheaper alternative to Royal Mail for parcel delivery both within the UK and abroad. For example, you can save up to 69% on parcel delivery within the UK without needing a My Parcel Delivery discount code and if you were thinking of sending something to Europe, you can save a massive 79% before needing vouchers. The proof is in the pudding…

Parcel SizeDestinationServiceRoyal MailMy Parcel DeliveryWhat You Save
Medium sized 20KG UK Address Next day with signature £35.50 £10.62 £23.98 69%
10KG Parcel China Tracking with signature £145.10 £54.23 £90.87 63%
10KG Parcel Germany Tracking with signature £68.82 £14.39 £54.43 79%

But i'm looking for My Parcel Delivery vouchers...

We like to offer discounted parcel delivery rates to all our customers all year round, and not just when they have a My Parcel Delivery promo code.

We have negotiated a range of discounts with the most popular couriers - many which you wouldn't be able to access by going direct. Not to mention the fantastic seasonal price drops we run regularly.

Parcel delivery deals this month...

We don’t need to offer vouchers at My Parcel Delivery because we offer great rates without them. 

Have a look at some of the offers below, and see for yourself the savings you could be making on parcel delivery.

Super- convient parcel drop-off!


£5.99 +VAT

Do you want to get your parcel there in 1-2 days? Want to give your recipient a 1-hour delivery time slot? Then take advantage of DPD’s great value drop off service.

Drop Off - Up to 10KG

No printer, no problem!


£8.50 +VAT

This 1-2 day service doesn’t require a printer to print your label. That means all you need to do is package your parcel, wait for your courier to collect it – and they’ll bring the label for you. Completely fuss-free parcel delivery.

Collection - Up to 20KG

Get your parcel there in 1 day!


£10.99 +VAT

This super-speedy service comes with £20 compensation cover included, and is perfect for heavier items. 

Express 24 Next Day - Up to 25KG

Why choose My Parcel Delivery

With My Parcel Delivery, you have your choice of courier, which means you get access to the latest deals to suit your sending needs all year round. 

If you run a business you can get extra discounts by opening a business account.

You get free advice on how to package your parcel, as well as helpful weighing and measuring guides

A UK-based customer service team to help you with any queries.

Whether you run a business or are just selling some personal bits and bobs online, each of our advice guides offer something unique. For eBay sellers, our eBay selling guide  can help you navigate the world’s most popular online auction site. If you’re more familiar with Amazon, then our Amazon selling guide can help you negotiate on the world’s largest online marketplace.

We also have some really handy posting guides, which help you package and post potentially tricky items like prams, laptops, bikes and vinyls.

Still looking for a promo code?

Well the best place to find out first when we have any available is on our email newsletter, so why not sign up to our mailing list? 

How can i get my parcel delivery discounts and deals?

To access all our great parcel delivery discounts, offers and deals, simply pop your parcel details into our quote form and you’ll be able to see all our best prices right away.