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Zero insertion fees for eBay sellers in January 2016

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This month, for a limited time only, eBay are offering private sellers the chance to list their items on eBay with no insertion fees – meaning you only pay when you sell. So now’s the perfect time to have a clear out of all those items cluttering up your house and any unwanted gifts left over from Christmas. Here’s all you need to know about this offer from eBay and how to make the most of it! Read more...

eBay UK delivery dates

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Late last week eBay announced some changes to their estimated delivery dates in the UK. It’s clear that the exact location of the buyer and seller will have an impact on the time something takes to be delivered. Imagine you’re sending to a customer in Inverness (the Scottish Highlands), it’s totally understandable that delivering to them will take longer than to a customer the next town over Read more...

Trash to treasure - selling on eBay

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The supermarkets aisles are filling with decorations and parties are being's official, Christmas is fast approaching! With presents to find and turkey to stuff we all feel those purse strings tighten as we move closer to the big day. Before your house fills with even more nicknack's from Aunty Flo and Grandma Dora, why not make someone else's Christmas by selling your bits and bobs which have been gathering dust? Read more...

11th time unlucky – the latest eBay power outage

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Whether you are using it as a side-line or as a fulltime business, eBay has opened up the ecommerce world for hundreds of thousands of people across the world. But what happens when our reliable friend eBay becomes a little less reliable? Unfortunately last week eBay suffered its 11th outage of the year which was (rather more unfortunately) also on their 19th Birthday. Read more...

Ebay sellers – safety first! Beware the unscrupulous buyers

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Have you ever asked yourself - who is the most at risk? An eBay seller or an eBay buyer? With over 17 million people logging onto eBay in the UK every month, the site is now responsible for over 15% of the UK’s online shopping (Experian Hitwise, 2011). What once started as a place for people to flog an unwanted gift or a rarely used impulse buy is now a global site for everything from fashion to furniture, and from collectibles to cars! What’s more, thanks to security measures and PayPal guarantees, it is safer than ever to be an eBay buyer but what about being an ebay seller? Read more...

Selling on eBay? How to make the right impression

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eBay, the online auction site, is an easy (and profitable!) way to shift those items you’ve got in your home and don’t know what to do with. Remember that one person’s clutter is another person’s treasure! When you sell an item, the buyer can provide feedback and rate you on the eBay site. So if you want to sell more treasures in future, you’ll want to get a good review and increase the chances someone else will want to buy from you. A bit of care taken in the presentation of your item is a simple and effective way to do this. An eBay buyer wants to feel they’ve found a true bargain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add extra value through thoughtful touches that other eBay sellers might overlook. Read more...

Four Mother’s Day opportunities for eBay sellers

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We all know that Mums are special. And on Sunday 30th March in the UK, millions of children, both young and old, will find a way to show their Mum how much they care on Mother’s Day. If you sell the odd item on eBay, could you capitalise on the 50%+ of the population who now shop online for Mother’s Day gifts? Maybe by thinking creatively with your eBay seller hat on about what you’ve got to sell or what you could make, you could earn enough to treat your own Mum to a really special present (we hear that weekend breaks are an increasingly popular choice!) The first important thing to realise is that you don’t have to sell flowers or chocolates to cash in during this busy time – you may have just the right gift to make someone’s Mother’s Day very special. There is no better time than right now as Google Trends shows that consumers start their Mother’s Day gift search up to two months before the big day. Read more...

How to protect you eBay Feedback

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How can an eBay seller avoid a buyer dispute and prevent the possibility of incurring negative eBay Feedback? As eBay is determined to give buyers confidence in shopping on its site, its Money Back Guarantee programme and Resolution Centre mean eBay shoppers with justified disputes will get their money back. But eBay is – as its protection programme states – equally committed to buyers leaving “honest, fair, factual Feedback” to “let other members know about your experience with the seller and help keep eBay a safe place for buying and selling”. Read more...