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45 days left to get ready for Black Friday 2015

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Last week My Parcel Delivery took part in a webinar offering tips and advice for businesses and small sellers looking to make the most of Black Friday 2015. There's still time to watch our top tips for Black Friday success webinar and download our free ebook. Read more...

Expanding your business overseas

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There are few things more important to running a successful business than growth. Whether you achieve growth by maximising revenue from your current customers, ensuring you’ve covered all areas of your existing market, or branching out into new markets entirely, your businesses growth will always be top of the agenda. Read more...

We're in the news

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You may have read this week about a few changes going on here at My Parcel Delivery. I want to take a moment to give you the inside scoop, explaining what we’ve done and why! Read more...

The importance of authenticity in business

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Authenticity in business is a fairly new consideration but it could help you raise your business head and shoulders above the competition. Trust in businesses has been in decline over the past few decades partly due to media savvy surfers being quick to write-off product features as marketing ploys designed to separate them with their hard earned money. Read more...

What to do With Your Brilliant Business Idea

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Do you have a brilliant business idea that you’re sure will blow the competition out of the water? Fantastic. Are you ready to throw caution to the wind and embark on a new business adventure? Wonderful. Do you have any idea what the next step is to make your dream a reality? This is where the tricky part comes in! Read more...

What we hope from this budget

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I always await the chancellor’s budget with excitement and nervousness in equal measures. As a business owner, the decisions made by George Osbourne impact my business here at My Parcel Delivery in hundreds of different ways. By making changes to tax, in addition to the introduction and withdrawal of community and business projects, what is decided on the 18th March 2015 can help make (or break!) your business. Read more...

My favourite apps

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I was recently contacted by the Good Web Guide, a website dedicated to identifying the best sites on the internet. In their hunt to find the best of the best, they asked for my contribution by asking the question “What are your favourite apps?” - Read more...

Record growth for My Parcel Delivery

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This past year has been a fantastic period of growth for us all here at My Parcel Delivery. Not only do we help you send more parcels than ever before, but the team here has grown enormously too. So now, after 3 office moves, 4 Christmas parties, countless meetings and even more office laughs, we are an award winning website that offers more to our customers than just a cheaper option. Read more...

The City Link effect

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Since City Link went into Administration over Christmas this year, speculation has been been rife about why it happened and how we can help make sure that it doesn't happen to others in the industry. I've been contacted many times for my views which I wanted to share with you. Read more...

Getting your exporting business right

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Could selecting the right international parcel delivery service mean your business makes the most of the export push in 2014? According to Chancellor George Osborne in his March Budget, Britain needs to be exporting more – and is doubling the funding available to help meet the UK’s trade targets. But what does it mean in terms of "moving the goods" when you upscale your business to meet the demands of customers in other countries? My Parcel Delivery has some useful tips to start you on the way to exporting success! Read more...

How queuing up for Royal Mail services made me launch a company

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The latest Royal Mail price rise today – 31 March 2014 – reminds me exactly why I launched a company to provide small business and consumers with access to cheaper parcel delivery and a better service. Back when I was running my first business after university – a promotional merchandise venture – it was totally reliant on sending parcels to customers. As I discovered, that was easier said than done. As a small, start-up operation we didn’t have the necessary volume of parcels to get an account with a courier company. This meant daily trips to the Post Office to send our parcels via Royal Mail. Anyone using the Post Office will probably relate to its many frustrations: either a long commute to the Post Office if you’re in a rural area or finding a place to park nearby if you’re in a town or city centre. And then, there’s the queuing – seemingly endless queuing. Read more...