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5 Tips for sending parcels to Australia

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Australia is nearly 9,500 miles away from the UK, and yet the country has strong links with us Brits, from the large British expat population living in Australia, to backpackers, students and holidaymakers. Then there’s also all the Australian expats who have decided to make the UK their home!

My Parcel Delivery have 5 different delivery services to Australia and we know our stuff when it comes to sending abroad. If you’re sending your first parcel to Australia, here’s our top tips to help you get it there in the fast or cheap!

1. Check the items in your parcel are ok to send to Australia

Just like in the UK, Australia has a list of prohibited and restricted items which cannot be sent to the country via courier. The items in your parcel might seem like ordinary items which are regularly posted within the UK, but it’s worth checking the list because your items, and even your packaging, could contain materials which aren’t allowed into Australia by courier.

For example, the list of prohibited items includes:

- Items made of leather
- Fruit cartons (used or new)
- Live trees and plants, bulbs,
- Soap, washing preparations

A full list of prohibited and restricted items for Australia can be found on the website.


2. Check the value of the items for customs clearance into Australia

When sending a parcel to Australia (or to any other none EU country), you need to complete a pro-forma invoice and attach 5 copies of this to the outside of your parcel. This document asks for information on the contents of your parcel and the value of individual items. The pro-forma invoice will be checked by the customs agents in Australia to avoid them having to open your parcel to check the contents.

So, once you’ve checked the item is safe to send to Australia, the next step is to work out the value of your parcel and include this on the pro-forma invoice. If your parcel is worth less than 1,000 Australian dollars (approximately £482) then there are no extra duties or taxes to pay.

However if you’re sending something worth over 1,000 Australian dollars then you will need to fill out some additional paperwork and there could be additional charges.

For more advice on this, visit the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.


3. Make sure your packaging is strong enough for the journey

We always advise using new and strong packaging, but this is even more important when you send a parcel abroad to somewhere as far away as Australia. Your parcel could be travelling via road, sea or air and could be scanned and sorted at different depots along the way, so you can understand why the packaging needs to be strong and durable.

Check out My Parcel Delivery’s packaging guidelines for advice.


4. Find the cheapest parcel delivery service to Australia

You’ll be surprised at the lowest prices for sending a parcel to Australia. At My Parcel Delivery have 5 different international courier services available, with our cheapest delivery service to Australia starting from just £18.90 for parcels under 1KG, using the DPD Air Classic courier.


5. Fastest delivery service to Australia

The DPD Air Classic is also a popular choice for speedy delivery to Australia, with same day collections if you book before 12pm, and delivery in just 4 – 7 working days.


Take a look at some of our other popular courier services to Australia now.