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Top Tips for Using a Parcel Drop Off Delivery Service

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Courier drop off delivery services offer an easy way to send your parcel on its way, without having to wait in for the courier driver to collect your parcel. They’re a perfect alternative to queuing up at the busy post office during your lunch hour, because most of the parcel drop off points have extended opening hours. Drop your parcel off before work, after you’ve done the school run, on your way to the gym, or even as you head out for the evening.

To help you make the most of the drop off courier services available, here are 5 tips to get your parcel dropped off and on its way quick smart to your recipient.

  1. Book your drop off service in advance

    Before you rush to the shops armed with your parcels, you need to book your delivery. Booking a drop off service is easy with My Parcel Delivery, simply enter your parcel details into our quote form to get a list of drop off services, choose the one that’s best for you, from cheap drop off services to speedy drop off services, and then fill in all your details to complete the booking.

  2. Make sure you have a printer

    All the drop off services available through My Parcel Delivery need you to print a shipping label and attach this to the outside of your parcel so it can be scanned at the drop off point. If you don’t have access to a printer, then you can still have your parcel delivered, but you’ll need to use a collection service instead. Look out for delivery services from Parcelforce and DX as with these services the courier will bring the label for your parcel, meaning you won’t have to do any printing.

  3. Check your parcel weight and size

    Try to be as accurate as possible with the weight and size of your parcel when booking your drop off delivery service and don’t forget to take into account any extra padding and weight from your packaging. If your parcel is too big or too heavy, then the drop off point may not accept the parcel, or worse you could find yourself being charged extra, and we wouldn’t want that!

  4. Go to the right drop off point

    At My Parcel Delivery, you can book drop off delivery services from four different couriers – UPS, Hermes, CollectPlus and Parcelforce. Each courier has their own network of local parcel drop off points across the UK, it’s worth checking online beforehand where your nearest drop off location is, to make sure you get to the right place.

    - Find your nearest UPS Access Point drop off locations
    - Find your nearest Hermes Parcelshop drop off points
    - Find your nearest CollectPlus drop off locations
    - Parcelforce drop off locations are your local Post Office

    Each parcel drop off point should have a sign to show that it’s an official drop off point, so look out for these if you’re still not sure.

  5. The earlier your drop off, the better

    We can't say for certain what time your parcel will be collected by the courier from the drop off point, but in our experience, if you're after a speedy delivery the earlier you drop it off, the better! 


If you need any help with parcel drop off services, or some advice on which service is best for you, simply get in touch and My Parcel Delivery’s parcel sending experts will be happy to help. Ready to book? Check out some of our most popular parcel drop off services now.