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Business Focus - Beat The Competition This Black Friday

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5 Top Tips for Black Friday TradingLast year, Black Friday saw £810m spent online – a level never seen before by UK retailers. And this year retailers are anticipating four times as many customers to join the frenzy.

That's why we joined up with TameBay, a fantastic eBay specialist blog site for marketplace sellers and small businesses alike, to offer a free webinar, on Monday 5 October at 12pm, giving practical tips to maximise this years Black Friday opportunity.

Register for free to join the webinar right here. Our 30 minute webinar could help you transform your strategy for this Black Friday.

Black Friday Trading Advice

Here's what we'll be covering in the webinar

  • Tactics to get your product mix right
  • Tips to avoid disappointing customers with late deliveries
  • How to handle seasonal returns


With Chris Dawson from Tamebay and David Brackin from Stuff U Sell joining us, this 30 minute webinar could help you open the door to Black Friday success this year. We hope you enjoy the webinar but if you have a jam packed day and can't find the time to attend, register to download our free eBook 5 Black Friday Success Strategies and you can still stay ahead of the competition.

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