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What you need to think about when re-launching a website

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There has been plenty of change to our website in the past 6 weeks as 12 months of hard work from the team was finally shown to you all.


Making such a significant change is not a decision taken lightly but once it is made, there is plenty to consider. What should never be forgotten in this process is your customer. So long as every decision made has the customer at the forefront of mind, your business will be moving along the right path.


  1. Set realistic timeframes and budgets
  2. Do you know what your customers want?  
  3. What services do your competitors offer?
  4. Invest in people
  5. Branding
  6. Plan your launch timetable
  7. Test, test, test!


I chatted this over with the team at Smarta, a website designed to help businesses grow. You can see the finer details about each point by checking out their blog.