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CEO Summit 2015

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Depending where you’re coming from, being disruptive can be a good or bad thing. As a child sits in class, playing the clown and stopping those around him/her from learning, being disruptive is seen as bad. But in the competitive world of business, when ‘business as usual’ is no longer enough, being disruptive is an extremely good thing.


As My Parcel Delivery is fundamentally a technology business, helping our customers to utilise our offering to get better prices and a better service, the team realised that they must shake up the industry and disrupt the status quo. This is easier said than done, and the tech team’s days are spent coming up with new ideas to make sure that they are at the top of their game.


And it’s not just us who think this…The Times produced their CEO Summit 2015 this week and 2 pages of the 10 page supplement was dedicated to disruptive businesses. From some of the biggest players like ASOS and Twitter, to the ones to watch in the future, they picked out some of the most disruptive companies in the industry.


The great news is that My Parcel Delivery is one of the businesses they chose in their list of 10 disrupters to watch. Here’s the full list…it’s a great category to appear in.

  1. Transferwise
  2. Marketinvoice
  3. My Parcel Delivery
  4. Funding Circle
  5. Warwick Music
  6. PayAsUGym
  8. Q App
  9. RedX Pharma
  10. Midrive