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Expanding your business overseas

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There are few things more important to running a successful business than growth. Whether you achieve growth by maximising revenue from your current customers, ensuring you’ve covered all areas of your existing market, or branching out into new markets entirely, your businesses growth will always be top of the agenda.


I’ve had many people in the industry approach me over the years, asking my take on the best way to grow. As I reel off what I see as the top options, there’s often a visible wince when I make my number one suggestion – international expansion. While there are barriers which vary depending on the type of business you’re running, there is no doubt that expanding internationally will open up your audience and, if managed effectively, will help you grow your business massively.


The team at asked me to go into a bit more details about this which I’ve shared on their blog. My top tips to consider include:

  1. Payment options
  2. Knowing your audience
  3. Shipping costs and delivery options]
  4. Importing rules and prohibited items by country
  5. Cultural dates and customs


Take a look at my blog for – it’s a great starting point for your international expansion plans.