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Large Parcel Delivery Restrictions Explained

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There are some occasions when you need to send something large or heavy via a courier. Perhaps the item is too big to fit into your car, or you’re sending just one large item and can’t justify hiring a van.

If you’re in this situation and aren’t sure what options you have for your large parcel delivery, here are some tips to help.

Why Do Couriers Have Large Parcel Restrictions?

Most standard couriers have a limit on the size and weight of parcels they will accept for delivery. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Parcels that are so big or heavy that two people are needed to carry them

    Most standard delivery services use just one delivery driver at a time, so if your parcel is particularly heavy or bulky and needs two or more people to pick it up, they won’t be able to collect it.

  • Large parcel sorting and processing

    After your parcel is collected from you by the courier, or you’ve dropped it off at a local drop-off point, the parcel will go to a sorting facility. To get your parcel sorted and heading off to its destination, it will usually go onto a conveyor-belt alongside all the other parcels sent that day.
    You need to make sure your parcel isn’t too large or too heavy to fit onto the conveyor belt otherwise you could be charged extra, even to have it returned back to you, and we wouldn’t want that.

  • Drop off points and storage

    You may find the weight, width, length and height limits for drop-off parcel delivery services is more restricted than for collection services. This is because the network of drop off points are conveniently located in your local shops and businesses and often these don’t have space to store bigger items

You can find a list of the largest parcel sizes accepted by couriers such as UPS, Parcelforce, DPD, Hermes and CitySprint on our large parcel delivery page.

Delivery Options for Parcels Larger Than the Maximum Sizes

If your parcel is larger or heavier than the maximum sizes, there are two things you can try to get it delivered.

  1. Repackage your parcel into multiple smaller parcels

    If you’re posting items that can be taken apart and split into separate parcels, this could be your best option. With the discounted rates available to My Parcel Delivery customers, you could find that it’s cheaper to send two smaller parcels than one large heavy parcel.

  2. Consider a specialist service
    Specialist services like AnyVan can be great for those extra large parcels such as heavy furniture, awkward shaped items and even cars!

    The service works a little bit like eBay, in that specialist courier companies and private drivers will place bids to deliver your large parcels. All you have to do is tell them about the large items you want delivered and where they’re going to, wait for the bids to come in, then simply choose which courier you prefer.

    Find out more about AnyVan.


If you’re still not sure about the best options for sending a large parcel, first enter your parcel details to get a quote and if you still need advice, get in touch, and the team here at My Parcel Delivery can help.