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St George Around The World

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The Irish have St. Patrick, the Welsh have St David, and the Scottish have St Andrew. And while the English don’t celebrate their patron saint’s day with a bank holiday, they have St George when houses around the country fly their red and white flags proudly.


But England is not the only country to celebrate on St. George’s Day. In fact, other countries around the world the party can be even bigger, even if it is on a different day. We had a look to see where (and when) other countries celebrate for St George.



While it’s not an official national day across all of Canada, it’s a provincial holiday in Newfoundland. They enjoy they extra day on the nearest Monday to the 23rd April

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic changed the celebration day as their own national patron saint (St. Adalbert of Prague) was martyred on the same day in 997. They instead enjoy their celebrations on 24th April


Hungarians also celebrate a day later than here in England on the 24th April. It’s also the name day of men named György and the Day of the Police who honour St George as a patron saint.


Christians here tend to celebrate St George’s Day by visiting the church St. George Monastery in the north of the country


Many churches in Jordan have been dedicated to St George, with celebrations of the day held across the country but nowhere more so than in a town near Amman called Fuheis


Celebrations here focus in towns and villages that contain churches in St. George’s name


St. George is so important to the Portuguese that their army motto, translated into English, means “Portugal and Saint George, in perils and in efforts of war.” Devotions to Saint George in Portugal date back hundreds of years to the twelfth century


The feast of St George is celebrated in several areas of Spain, most noticeably Aragon, Catalonia and Cáceres. Celebrations vary by city however Cáceres focuses their parades on the legend of Saint George slaying a dragon to save a princess


And these are to name but a few. There are more cities around the world who will join England in their celebrations on (or near!) the 23rd April. From all the team here at My Parcel Delivery, we hope you have a wonderful St. George’s Day.