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Easter business is about more than just chocolate eggs

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There’s plenty to think about in the run up to Easter. Not only do you need to buy plenty of chocolate Easter eggs, but you also need to help make Easter Bonnets, decorate boiled eggs and find time to meet up with your nearest and dearest. And if you run your own business, the tasks don’t stop there.


Last week I chatted with our friends over at Small Business and Fourth Source about how retailers can take advantage of this seasonal celebration by boosting last minute sales. But with this comes other delivery based issues which also need to be considered.


For those last minute sales, you should think about

1. Clear delivery options with more choices for your customers

2. Reaching out to customers in marketing campaigns

3. Inspiring customers on social media

You can find out more about these factors by reading my thoughts at Fourth Source.


To help minimise and combat any delivery based issues, you need to consider

1. Effective communication with your customers

2. Make sure you have options if your suppliers experience issues

3. Keep an ear to the ground and be informed of delays

4. Watch your stock levels

5. Make things easier for yourself by using experts

You can find out more about these factors by reading my thoughts at


I hope you all have a fantastic Easter whether you’re busy at work or at home having fun with friends or family.