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Social media marketing for your ecommerce business

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Social media marketing is now essential for all businesses, no matter how big or small. We are able to increase communication, improve customer service, find areas for improvement and build a relationship with our customers in a way that no traditional marketing method has previously allowed.

The marketing executive here at My Parcel Delivery has been working hard to turn our social media profile into a resource of information, packed full of content for everyone, from one off users looking for hints and tips, to our more frequent senders who are looking to grow their business. Below she shares some of the areas she thought about when setting up the My Parcel Delivery social strategy.  

Social media strategy

Social media can provide increased communication, improved customer service and relationship building. But first, understand the “personas" of your customers and prospects: what kind of content will they enjoy? What tone of voice should you use? What type of information should you share?

The answer to the last question is potentially limitless: it could include service information, company updates, industry news, relevant conversations, questions, etc. And this can be conveyed through a variety of media, such as blog posts, guides, product features and case studies. Rich media – such as graphics, photos and videos – get even more attention, help messages stand out in news feeds and also achieve higher engagement levels than copy-only posts.

But how often should you publish via social media? This varies by industry but set a weekly target per social platform to reach each week. For example, post on Twitter several times a day, Facebook daily and LinkedIn once per week.

Where is social?

Social is where your customers and prospects engage with an online community: that could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs and customer review sites. Services like Trust Pilot provide a fantastic opportunity to achieve star ratings on PPC ads and gain feedback from customers.

Digital marketing and social media have levelled the playing field for start-up businesses. You don’t need a multi-million pound marketing budget to make an impression and by cultivating your reputation online through great content and social media marketing, you can begin to attract customers, engage with them and develop long-lasting relationships.

This brief overview could help you grow your business and take your first steps into social media marketing.