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Trash to treasure - selling on eBay

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The supermarkets aisles are filling with decorations and parties are being's official, Christmas is fast approaching! With presents to find and turkey to stuff we all feel those purse strings tighten as we move closer to the big day.

Before your house fills with even more nicknack's from Aunty Flo and Grandma Dora, why not make someone else's Christmas by selling your bits and bobs which have been gathering dust? Instead of throwing out the picture that no longer matches your newly decorated kitchen, pop it on eBay. The extra money will help make your Christmas extra special and give the chance of a pre-loved treasure to your bidders.

What's more you can save on your postage too! By booking through My Parcel Delivery you can send parcels up to 249cm in length and 30kg in weight while saving up to 73% compared with Royal Mail. 

Remember, eBay items tend to sell for a higher price when you offer them for delivery rather than collection only so make yourself some extra Christmas money and help make someone else's even better by having a sort through your stuff and selling on eBay. It really is true that one person's trash is another person's treasure.