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Four Mother’s Day opportunities for eBay sellers

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We all know that Mums are special. And on Sunday 30th March in the UK, millions of children, both young and old, will find a way to show their Mum how much they care on Mother’s Day.

If you sell the odd item on eBay, could you capitalise on the 50%+ of the population who now shop online for Mother’s Day gifts? Maybe by thinking creatively with your eBay seller hat on about what you’ve got to sell or what you could make, you could earn enough to treat your own Mum to a really special present (we hear that weekend breaks are an increasingly popular choice!)

The first important thing to realise is that you don’t have to sell flowers or chocolates to cash in during this busy time – you may have just the right gift to make someone’s Mother’s Day very special. There is no better time than right now as Google Trends shows that consumers start their Mother’s Day gift search up to two months before the big day.

So what could you sell on eBay?

1. Technology

TechBargains report that more Mums would like an iPad than flowers. So do you have unwanted tech that would sell well on eBay? Smartphones that are only 6 months old may feel out of date to you but represent a giant leap forward for a Mum stuck with an old Blackberry.

2. Smellies 

The hottest gifts for Mums this year are ones that make her feel special and pampered: luxury bath and cosmetics products, beautifully scented candles or fragrances. We always find that Jo Malone is a very safe bet. If you’re one of those people who received a glut of unwanted smellies at Christmas time (they always seem to be raffle prizes with us!), maybe they could find a better home with a deserving Mum out there.

3. Jewellery

Vintage jewellery is always in high demand, for those seeking a unique gift not found in the high street. Have a root through your jewellery box and see if you have any unworn or antique jewellery that you no longer wear.  Wrapped up thoughtfully in a velvet bag or tissue paper, these could make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift and come with the added bonus of being especially cheap and easy to deliver – just don’t forget to insure anything valuable.

4. Breakfast in bed kit 

Many Mums report that thoughtful actions mean more than expensive presents. So could you capitalise on the online shoppers looking for something different?  How about creating a breakfast in bed kit - the warm comforts of tea, coffee or hot chocolate sold with a small coffee maker, tea infuser or unique mugs can make thoughtful gifts. Consider pairing them together in your online eBay shop, along with pancake mix, small jars of marmalade or jam and you could be a budding Alan Sugar or Philip Green.

If there is a glass item within your delivery, do make sure to wrap it very very securely in lots of bubble wrap as couriers will not cover you for damage. It might be worth considering a same day delivery which are safer as the same courier handles your parcel from door to door.

Almost anything you’ve been thinking of selling could appeal to the millions of eBay shoppers as a fantastic Mother’s Day gift - fitness equipment, soft furnishings, original artwork. And might this be the time to recycle other unwanted gifts, or sale bargains that don’t look so appealing in the cold light of day?

As ever, be sure you package your items with the utmost care and thoughtful touches – maybe red tissue paper secured with a heart-shaped sticker. Delivery is a hugely important part of the process and shouldn’t be overlooked. Get creative – and get selling!