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Vietnam is known for its people that are characterised by their warmth, friendliness, resilience and optimism. The country has long since recovered from the Vietnam War and now holds the title as one of the top travel destinations in the world, offering gourmet cuisine, stunning landscapes, vibrant cities and a rich culture. The increase in worldwide interest as both a travel and sourcing destination has enhanced the economy – which has a large market for capital goods and a growing one for consumer goods. The UK is the third largest EU investor in Vietnam and major British companies such as HSBC and Rolls Royce already operate out of Vietnam. Foreign trade has also helped bolster the economy, with the UK contributing £300 million worth of exports in 2014. The success in trade has given way to reliable courier services to Vietnam from the UK. The two nations have held more than 40 years of diplomatic relations, which have resulted in the sustained growth and development of Vietnam.



Vietnam’s location along the South China Sea and proximity to China, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia make it a great hub for travelling and expanding businesses elsewhere. Although Vietnam has a well-developed transport system, a major programme has been implemented to drastically improve the country’s infrastructure. The UK is increasing its investment from £4.5 billion to over £76 billion to help Vietnam develop new urban railway networks, a new international airport hub and regional airports.The expansions will allow for greater access and cheaper parcel delivery to Vietnam. In order to send a parcel to Vietnam, it’s beneficial to have a basic understanding of the postal system and to know the city and district of a particular destination. The postal codes in Vietnam contain six digits, with the first two representing the city or province; the second two, the district or town; and the last two, the ward. Postcodes for Hanoi, the capital, begin with the numbers 10 through 15, while Ho Chi Minh City postcodes range from 70 to 76.



As opportunities in power, oil and gas, education healthcare and mass transport increase for UK businesses, the demand for a cheap courier to Vietnam increases. Additionally, for the nearly 32 million residents with internet access, tracking parcels deliveries in Vietnam is easy and stress-free. Courier service like MPD International and UPS offer specialised tracking and delivery services such as a signature and notification emails that are reasonably priced. For as low as £28.30 including VAT, the MPD International Drop-off service will send a package from a local drop-off point and have it delivered within 3-5 days. UPS offers a guaranteed 3-day delivery with its International Express Saver service for £44.56 including VAT. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]




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