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Parcel delivery to Venezuela


From the top of the Andean mountains and the coast of the Caribbean to the dense forests of the Amazon Basin and the vast grasslands of the Llanos plains, Venezuela is an extremely rich and diverse country brimming with natural beauty and friendly people. Amidst all the biodiversity, Venezuela is one of the most urbanised, yet economically unstable countries in Latin America. The discovery of the world’s largest oil reserve in the 20th century has helped the country become the one of world’s leading exporters of oil. However, the country’s dependency on oil – revenues make up more than 95% of its foreign income – and lack of sustainable development in conjunction with a decline in oil prices and former policies enacted by the country’s most controversial leader, Hugo Chavez, have led to significant economic struggles. In light of this, adventurous travellers, in addition to the British residents, are taking advantage of the extremely low value of the Venezuelan currency. The low exchange rate, low import tariffs and opportunities for UK exports - Venezuela imports approximately 40% of its goods – have also contributed to an increase in UK businesses and cheap parcel delivery to Venezuela.



Located on the northern coast of South America, Venezuela is bordered by Guyana, Brazil and Colombia. The country has an abundance of natural attractions and an extremely vibrant welcoming culture. While economic, political and safety issues have overshadowed the country’s allure, many hope that foreign investment will help. Among the areas requiring attention is infrastructure. Travel to Venezuela is easy, with most flights flying into the main international airport in the capital of Caracas. The north, which has the densest population, has an extensive network of roadways by which goods are transported. Although they are not well maintained, reliable courier companies have been able to provide fast delivery services in Venezuela. Travel to the south is easiest by air or river. When sending post to Venezuela, it is essential to include a postcode. The postcodes consist of four numbers with the first two representing the region and the second two the delivery office.



While Venezuela’s immediate future is uncertain, the optimism and resiliency shown by its people provide hope for a more prosperous and peaceful Venezuela. Foreigners that already live there and UK businesses that are already established have been able to overlook some of the negatives and embrace the country’s positive attributes. In addition, they have been able to capitalise on the low exchange rate and low courier costs to Venezuela. My Parcel Delivery offers some of the best prices and the most reliable delivery services. With its International Export service, parcels are collected from your home and delivered to Venezuela within two days from just £36.82 including VAT. [Prices correct as of 20/08/2015]




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