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Parcel delivery to Togo


This West African country is one of the smallest on the continent and is a sub-Saharan nation that is reliant on agriculture. A narrow strip of land, it has been criticised for poor politics and a bad human rights record. It is still politically unstable and seems to move from crisis to crisis but has been independent from France since 1960. Bordered by Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana and the Atlantic Ocean, it has been seeing dramatic economic growth for the past few years but continues to be a poor country. Internationally, it has been told to create a credible government and clampdown on the illegal exportation of ivory. Phosphate is the biggest commodity in the country and there are millions of metric tons of reserves left to mine. It also exports goods like coffee, cocoa and cotton. The UK has a connection with the country as it supplies almost $100 million in imports each year, and this means that finding a parcel courier to Togo is quite a simple job.



Whilst the country has diverse landscapes that stretch from palm-fringed beaches to rolling hills, tourism is still a small business and not many people travel the 3,237 miles from the UK. The capital of Lomé is also the largest city in the country and is found on the south coast with a metro population of more than 1.6 million. With an entire population of around seven million, it is a large portion of that but Sokodé, Kara, Atakpamé, Palimé, Bassar, Capaong and Sansanné-Mango are other large cities. The majority of African countries work without postcodes and it is no different for delivery services in Togo. Lomé has a major port, which is often used as the entry and exit point of goods, whilst there are also two international airports in the country. There are also a few hundred miles of railways and the thousands of miles of roadways across the country incorporate the Trans-West African Coastal Highway amongst others to connect all major towns and cities as well as connecting Togo to other countries in the Economic Community of West African States.



Find the cheapest courier costs to Togo by running a quote right here now. You can choose from two delivery services: a drop-off service where you will need to drop the parcel off at a local drop-off point, or a collection service where the courier will come and collect your parcel. With the MPD International Export option, you get a courier collection and 2-day service to your destination from £33.21 including VAT. Alternatively, you get a lower price by using the MPD International Drop-Off service. This means that with a drop-off at your local Hermes, you can enjoy a 3-5 day service from just £29.05 including VAT. Both of these options come with signature included, £15 inclusive cover as well as a fully tracked service as standard. [Prices correct as at 17/09/2015]




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