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For centuries, the small Southeast Asian country has been enticing visitors with its warm climate, picturesque landscapes, natural resources, strong cultural heritage and peaceful religious sites. As Asia’s premier travel destination, Thailand receives more than 16 million foreigners annually, of which approximately 860,000 are from the UK. An additional 50,000 Britons live in Thailand and have learned to take advantage of the warm hospitality, low cost of living and exceptionally cheap parcel delivery to and from Thailand. British relations with Thailand date back to 1612.Today, Thailand continues to enjoy a positive partnership with the UK and other nations as nearly 60% of its economy is driven by exports –making it the second largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 29th largest in the world. The UK accounts for nearly 2% of all Thai exports and considers Thailand to be its 29th largest export market. With trade being so important to Thailand’s economic stability and growth, it’s imperative that there‘s a well-developed transportation system that can handle large amounts of traffic and allow for cheap parcel delivery prices to Thailand.



Thailand is one of the world’s top 20 largest countries in terms of population which, in addition to its dependence on trade, has contributed to the country’s comprehensive infrastructure plan. Thailand’s current focus is on making significant upgrades to the national rail network and expanding both seaports and airports – a move that will also help generate low courier costs to Thailand. The country is within a five-hour flight of 50% of the world’s population, making it a great hub for travelling and expanding businesses to Laos, Cambodia, Burma, China and beyond.When sending parcels to Thailand, addresses contain a five-digit postal code with the first two digits designating the province or the administrative area, the third indicating the district and the last two digits, the sub-district. Bangkok and Pattaya are specially governed districts with the respective codes beginning in the numbers 10 and 20.



The long-lasting relationship between the UK and Thailand, based on friendship, shared values and investment in one another’s economic futures, has given way to efficient, reliable and low-cost courier services to Thailand. There are a multitude of courier companies offering competitive prices for delivery services in Thailand. MPD International is often the cheapest courier to Thailand, offering three to five day deliveries at just £28.30 with its International Drop-off service. For a faster delivery service, business account holders can choose the UPS’ International Express service which offers 2 day delivery from only £42.83 (all prices were correct on 11/8/2015).




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