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Parcel delivery to Panama


Panama is the hot new destination in Central America. The country amazes with its stunning Caribbean beaches, pristine rainforests, dramatic mountain peaks, diverse wildlife and colourful culture. The capital, Panama City, is a vibrant cosmopolitan that is being compared to other colourful cities like Miami and is helping draw in over 1.6 million visitors a year. The country’s economy, which is the second largest and fastest growing in Central America, is expected to continue improving. Its growth and stability has been a result of the strong services sector, which accounts for approximately 80% of the GDP. The 101-year-old Panama Canal is responsible for a significant portion of the country’s revenue. Expansions that are to be completed in 2016 are expected to more than double its capacity and increase competition for courier services to Panama. As a world-shipping route, the strategically placed canal allows for trade – something that Panama relies on heavily. In 2014, the UK sent Panama a near total of £39 million in products and it is currently the second largest investor in Panama. The bilateral relationship is mutually beneficial and has contributed to well-developed parcel delivery to Panama.



In addition to attracting throngs of tourists, Panama is gaining the attention of more companies – including several from the UK – and it is ranked as one of the best countries for business. Located in Central American and bordered by Costa Rica, Colombia and the Caribbean, Panama serves as a great hub for air travel to North and South America and the Caribbean. The thriving metropolis of Panama City is just over 13 hours by plane from London. The country is also one of best for telecommunications connectivity, making it easy to track parcel delivery in Panama. In addition to expanding the canal, the country has invested in other transportation projects that included the 2014 completion of a new metro line in Panama City. Improvements to its highways and Panama City’s international airport have also helped expedite travel to other major cities and lower parcel delivery prices to Panama. When sending post, the country does not utilise a postal code system.



Panama’s natural beauty, rich multi-cultural history and economic stability make the country a great destination for business and leisure. While more tourists are visiting the country, more companies are taking advantage of the growing opportunities to reach the Panamanian and Central American markets. Plus, with the canal being such an important part of world-wide trade, there is a competitive market for fast and cheap courier to Panama. My Parcel Delivery is one of the most reliable companies. The MPD International Drop-off service will deliver a parcel within three to five days for just £29.63 including VAT, while the MPD International Export service collects a parcel and delivers within two days (all prices were correct on 19/8/15).




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