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Discover easy courier services to Japan at My Parcel Delivery. With 400 plus years of shared history, the UK and Japan have a well-nurtured and very trusting relationship. And, as two of the wealthiest island nations – Japan has the world’s third largest economy – they depend on one another for trade. The UK includes Japan as one of its top 20 trading partners and, in 2013, exported a total of £4.5billion worth of goods to the Asian country which makes for a high demand when it comes to parcel delivery to Japan. Close to 450 UK companies operate in Japan and even more are being lured in by the strong political ties, a large and wealthy consumer base and the hopes of expanding to neighbouring Asian markets.Not only is business between the two thriving, but also the rich culture, exceptional academia and advanced technological innovations have attracted many travellers and expats alike. The need for finding a reliable courier to Japan is growing when you consider that it is currently home to approximately 23,000 British residents. Recently, with all the business ventures between the two nations and an increase in tourism, there has been a much greater demand for accessible and fast parcel delivery services when you send a parcel to Japan.



Whether conducting a business transaction in Tokyo, sending information to friends in Yokohama or delivering a care package to your niece in Nagoya, you can send a parcel to Japan with services from MPD International, Parcelforce and, if you have a business account, UPS. Parcel delivery to Japan is the fastest and most reliable by air. Once on the ground, transportation throughout the country is nice and easy with roads that are far-reaching and well kept.The postal codes are vital for delivery services in Japan and are made up of a seven-digit numeric code. The first three numbers indicate the city and the last four identify the specific area within each municipality. However, unlike most cities, the capital city of Tokyo does not have a single postal code due to its large size.



Compare courier costs to Japan with a quote from My Parcel Delivery. Using a parcel courier to Japan is the easiest it has ever been, with multiple companies vying for customers’ business world-wide. From the UK, companies such as Parcelforce are safe, reliable and carry your parcel with cheap postage to Japan in a timely fashion. With MPD International Export, which is one of the fastest delivery services to Japan, you can have door-to-door, 2-day services, from only £34.26. However, if you want to save more money, and get the cheapest courier to Japan, drop-off services are also available from MPD International and you can have a parcel delivered to Japan within 3-5 days. [Prices correct on 10/08/2015]




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