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Andean peaks and Amazonian forests; bustling city centres and palm-fringed beaches; colonial towns and Quechua villages – Ecuador is a country of astonishingly beautiful contrasts. While the nation attracts visitors with its incredible biodiversity, rich flora and fauna and vibrant culture, its true allure is the famed volcanic islands known as the Galapagos. The country sees tourism as a viable way to maintain economic stability. In 2013, there were more than 1,364,000 visitors, and more arrive each year. Ecuador also capitalizes on its wealth of resources, as it has become sustainably dependent on its rich petroleum resources. Oil makes up more than half Ecuador’s revenue from exports. Other top exports include textiles, wood products and food – it’s the world’s largest producer of bananas. Overall, Ecuador has the eighth largest economy in Latin America. Although the UK is not the country’s largest trading partner, it does send Ecuador drinks, pharmaceutical products, transport equipment and scientific equipment – which has given way to well-established and reliable courier services to Ecuador. As a founding member of the UN, the country has maintained generally positive ties with the UK and is becoming an increasingly attractive place for UK businesses and investors.



For a country approximately the same size as the UK, Ecuador packs in a mesmerising mix of sites and adventures. Situated along the equator, between Colombia and Peru, Ecuador encompasses three different geographical regions which include the coast, mountainous Sierra region and the Amazon, as well as the Galapagos.Travel to Ecuador is fastest by plane and the newly built airport in capital city of Quito, and an airport in Guayaquil, service most international flights. The country also has an extensive infrastructure system that encompasses well-maintained roadways that are conducive to fast and reliable delivery services in Ecuador. Travel throughout the Amazon is also possible with navigable waterways and the completion of 95 new bridges. Ecuador utilises a six-digit postal code system. The first two numbers indicate a province, the next two a district and the last two the zip code.



Ecuador is becoming a more popular tourist destination, offering visitors a multitude of different cultures, stunning natural sites and enriching experiences. As the industry increases, more opportunities for foreign investors and businesses are arising. The tourism boom, in addition to the country’s well-developed transportation infrastructure, has helped create a competitive market for parcel delivery to Ecuador. Here at My Parcel Delivery you can book some of the most reliable delivery services as well as the cheapest couriers to Ecuador. For as little as £36.82 including VAT, MPD’s International Export service will collect a parcel and deliver it in 3-5 days. But if you’d rather drop it off at a time that works for you, choose the MPD International Drop-Off service and have your parcel delivered Ecuador from only £29.63 [Prices correct as of 20/08/2015]




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