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Dramatic volcanic rock, vast plains, canyons, basaltic plateaus, salt lakes and a blue coastline welcome travellers to Djibouti. The country, located on the horn of Africa, offers some of the most intriguing landscapes and thrilling outdoor adventures. Although Djibouti has been at the centre of trade and commerce for years, it’s just now becoming a popular travel destination. The country is strategically located between the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden and serves as an important shipping hub. Its economy depends on the service sector, which is based on the commercial activities that connect the country’s location as a transit point to Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Nearly 70% of its port activity derives from the imports and exports of coffee and other products from Ethiopia. However, Djibouti’s harsh climate requires the country to import the majority of food. The UK-Djibouti bilateral relationship, while cordial in the past, was based on security and regional issues. Today, it’s stronger with a greater emphasis on trade and investment in hopes that UK exports to Djibouti and the region will increase to £1 trillion by 2020. It is also the hope that this will create a greater demand for competitive courier services to Djibouti.



Located on the Afar Triple Junction – the meeting point for three of the earth’s tectonic plates – Djibouti is in an advantageous location. Although it is bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, its coast has access to some of the busiest sea routes in the world, including lanes to the Indian Ocean. The country’s accessibility also makes for efficient and cheap parcel delivery to Djibouti. Direct flights from London to the international airport in the capital of Djibouti City are 10 hours. Nearly three-fourths of its estimated 828,324 people live in Djibouti City. Transportation in the city and on the outskirts is underdeveloped. However, in hopes of becoming a middle-income country by 2035, the government is focusing on developing its transportation infrastructure. Major projects and increased tourism are also creating more opportunities for UK businesses, which will be able to tap Djibouti’s far-reaching markets.



Djibouti’s free trade policies and strategic location along the Red Sea, have contributed greatly to the country’s economic growth. However, the country has very few resources and little industry and, as a result, must rely on foreign assistance. Aid in recent years has given way to drastic plans to improve infrastructure, which will make it easier and cheaper to send a parcel to Djibouti. Currently, My Parcel Delivery is one of the trusted companies that provide fast and cheap courier services to Djibouti. The MPD International Drop-off service starts from just £29.63 including VAT for three to five day delivery. Parcels can also be collected and delivered within two days for £36.82 including VAT using the MPD International Export service. [Prices correct as of 27/08/2015]




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