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Colombia represents all of South America’s appeal - rugged Andean mountains, stunning Caribbean coastlines, lush Amazon forest and a colonial old city. Once plagued by armed conflict and drug lords, the country has undergone a major transformation over the past decade and the new and revitalized Colombia is offering tourists and businesses an opportunity to explore and invest in its wealth.With rich natural resources such as coffee, emeralds, metals and oil and natural gas, Colombia has become the fourth largest economy in Latin America. Its relatively open economy and recent deals with the EU and the UK have helped increase development, improve human rights and expand trade. Colombia is the UK’s fifth largest export market in South America, with a focus on industrial machinery, power equipment and beverages. With more UK nationals taking up residency in the country, approximately 1,200 businesses expanding their markets, there has been a greater demand for trustworthy and cheap courier services to Colombia.



Today, Colombia has the third largest population in South America, a strong, flexible workforce and has seen substantial economic growth. With the aid of the UK, Colombia looks to develop even greater transportation systems, especially in major cities like Bogotá, Cartagena in addition to the more rural areas. Improvements will help reduce travel times and the cost of delivery services in Colombia.The country is known as the gateway to the south, as it provides easy access to countries such as Panama, Brazil, Venezuela and Peru. It is also the launch pad to the north, sharing maritime limits with Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and more. Developments in recent years have even brought direct flights from London’s Heathrow to the country’s capital of Bogotá, allowing for cheap parcel delivery to Colombia. Postal codes in Colombia consist of six digits. The first two represent the department; the next two, the postal zone; and the last two represent the postal districts. The numbers 00 are reserved for a department’s capital.



Until recently, Colombia did not utilise a wide-spread postal code system like most other countries. With an increase in business and easier access to more areas, more courier companies are offering competitive figures for cheap postage to Colombia. MPD International is among the cheapest companies. It offers drop-off and collection services that cater to customers’ busy schedules and needs. Starting at as little as £29.63, MPD’s International Drop-off service will deliver your parcel to Colombia within three to five days some inclusive compensation cover, notification emails and a signature. With the same inclusions and the added benefit of a collection service that ships straight from Heathrow, MPD International will have a package delivered in around two days for just £36.82. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]




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