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Parcel delivery to Brazil


Brazil’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. It has seen fantastic growth in recent years due to the 2014 World Cup and Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Now, more than ever, the Latin American powerhouse is a prime destination for tourism, economic investment and trade, and the increase in business, has created a higher demand for fast and reliable courier services to Brazil. Brazil solidified its trade partnership with the UK, becoming its largest trading partner in South America and generating a combined bilateral trade of £7.7 billion. With stunning coastlines, a lush Amazon forest and a vibrant culture, Brazil’s beauty and mystique lures in more than 5.8 million visitors worldwide every single year. The samba nation is also home to the largest population of British expats in South America with approximately 11,000 across the country. Flights to Rio de Janeiro are just under 12 hours and its centralised location within the country and continent make it easy to get to other including Peru, Chile and Argentina.



With excellent economic and political ties between the UK and Brazil, finding a cheap courier to Brazil is simple. Recent investments into infrastructure have made navigating the world’s fifth largest country easier and safer. The city of Sao Paulo has the largest population with nearly 11 million people, while Rio has the second largest, and the capital city of Brasilia, the fourth. These major cities, in addition to Fortaleza and Manaus account for a large percentage of international business and produce a high demand for parcel delivery services to Brazil.Whether you send a parcel to Brazil to a newly made friend from the World Cup or complete a business transaction, there are plenty of delivery services available. The country uses an eight-digit postal code, with the first digit representing one of the ten postal regions, the second, the sub-region, and the following three representing even smaller sectors. The final three numbers indicate whether the address is on a road, avenue, park or square.



There are many factors to take into consideration when you compare parcel delivery services to Brazil. The most important is making sure that the courier service is trustworthy, professional, fast and cost-effective. MPD International is often the cheapest courier to Brazil. In addition to its partners, MPD International provide hassle-free, reliable and fully-tracked services to Brazil with notification emails and free SMS alerts. With the MPD International Drop-Off service you can drop-off your package and save on courier costs to Brazil with a price from only £39.22. If you’re in a hurry and need faster delivery services, business account holder can enjoy two-day delivery, by sending a parcel to Brazil via the UPS’ International Express Saver service. (All prices were correct on 11/08/2015)




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