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Situated between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is the only country in Central America that has English as its official language. The country has a rich multicultural heritage that includes Mayan empires, Spanish roots, British ties and the famous Punta music. Its stunning landscapes encompass verdant jungles and scenic views of the Caribbean with white sand beaches, turquoise waters and rich coral reef. The Belize Barrier Reef – the second longest in the world – is home to more than 500 species of fish and it’s the country’s main attraction. Tourism is the mainstay of Belize’s economy. In 2013, the country drew in 294,000 tourists eager to explore its natural and man-made wonders. In addition, exports of oil, marine products, sugar and bananas contribute to economic growth. Belize was part of the British Empire from 1862 to 1973 and went by the name of British Honduras. The country became an independent commonwealth realm 1981 with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. With strong ties between the two and hundreds of UK natives living in the country, there are well-established courier services to Belize.



In Belize, white sand beaches stretch along the east coast while dense jungles fill the interior. The country is bordered by México and Guatemala, and as part of Central America and the Caribbean, it has strong ties to both. With a population of about 347,369, Belize is the least densely populated country in Central America. About 16% of Belizeans live abroad, however, a recent increase in immigrants accounts for 15% of the population. Belize City has the largest population, while capital city of Belmopan is the fourth largest. The country’s transportation infrastructure is underdeveloped and not well-maintained. However, recent foreign investments will go towards improving roadways, bridges and ports. All of the work, which is to be completed by 2030, will increase economic development, improve connectivity between the northern and western regions and expedite parcel delivery services in Belize. When sending parcels to Belize, postcodes are not required, as the country does not utilise a postal code system.



Belize stuns with its marvellous underwater world, diverse wildlife, mesmerizing ancient sites and vibrant culture. With English as the official language and close UK ties, it is easy for UK natives to send a parcel to Belize and do business. A competitive courier market has given way to cheap postage to Belize. My Parcel delivery is among the companies providing reliable and convenient services and fast delivery. For just £29.63 including VAT, the MPD International Drop-off service will deliver a parcel within three to five days. A small price increase to £36.82 including VAT, with MPD’s International export service, will provide parcel collection from a designated location and have it delivered to Belize within two days. [Prices correct as of 27/08/2015]




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