Update: DX delivery service


We're constantly looking for ways to make parcel delivery easier for you. We want to let you know about some change we've made to the DX courier service. Let us take this chance to fill you in on the improvements.

We've changed the size and weight restrictions so that now you can send even more, for the same great value price. The driver will still bring the shipping label for you but they will no longer provide the mailbag to put your items in. This means that your parcel will need to be securely packaged in a strong cardboard box, following our packaging guidelines.

The new maximum sizes for your parcel are

  • Length - 100cm
  • Weight - 20kg
  • Volume - 40 litres calculated as Volume in litres = (length x width x height) / 1000

If you have a few parcels to send, please be sure to check that the driver attaches the right label to each parcel. And to be extra careful, please write all the delivery details onto the outside of your parcels just in case the label falls off on its journey across the UK.

Why choose DX?

  • Speedy, 1-2 day delivery service, with 80% of parcels delivered the very next day
  • No printer, no problem! The courier brings your label
  • Up to £20 free compensation cover for perfect peace of mind
  • State of the art tracking with a premium option for extra security
  • Extra secure with photographic and GPS evidence available

We hope you like the updated service! You can find out more on our dedicated DX courier page.

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