Twelve tips for twelve minutes - #IGave12


It's an occasion all about supporting the smallest of our country's growing businesses; this year #MicroBizMatters Day is bigger and better than ever.A micro business is defined as a company with 0-9 employees, or a turnover of up to £2m. The #MicroBizMatters Day movement, founded by Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden, assembles a crack team of micro business experts to create a day dedicated to the celebration of entrepreneurs running their own enterprise. On the 12th of January 2018, there'll be a day packed with special guests, learning hours, entertainment and advice streamed live across the globe via social media. This year, the campaign asks that people give 12 to help another business owner and hashtag #IGave12 - that could be 12 minutes, 12 pounds, 12 tips, 12 tweets, or anything else!We're asking those passionate about micro biz to help us create the ultimate short guide for entrepreneurs. Basically, if a micro business owner was to set aside 12 minutes this week to do something new - whether it be to improve and learn or save time, money or stress - what should that activity be?Here are just a few of the ideas we've had so far. Do you have a tip to share with micro biz owners? Let us know on Twitter - @MyParcel.Tina Boden, The Tiny Troubleshooter: 'Get out in the fresh air! Whether you walk round the block, pop to the local park, stand outside and people watch or take your cuppa and enjoy it in the outdoors it is great to get some fresh air throughout the day. I find it aids creativity even if only you do it for a short time.'Tony Robinson OBE, Enterprise Rockers: 'Make an #IGave12 pledge to help other micro business owners and tweet about it for 12 minutes. My pledge is to support more charities and Community Interest Companies - I'll even be giving two free shows of my new business speech every month in 2018, “Micro Myths and Magic“.'@Joolzery: Research, see what your competitors are doing and learn from them, both the good, bad & ugly!Phil Sayers, CEO of Clear Books: “I'm a fan of Mindfulness, so I think taking 12 minutes to reboot your brain is important. Close your laptop, put your phone on silent and simply sit and gather your thoughts. Maybe even try some breathing exercises. You'll be surprised how much more productive you can feel.@WebLadUK: I think 12 mins studying a successful business and reverse-engineering that success would be time well spent.Thomas Costello, @123Reg: Focus on customer service. It's true that it's cheaper to keep a customer than it is to attract a new one. So ask yourself are you really doing enough to keep customers happy? If you aren't able to answer with a resounding yes, backed up by data that proves it, then it's an area you need to focus on.David Grimes, CEO and Founder of My Parcel Delivery: Make a to-do list. It sounds so simple. If you take a few moments each week to empty your head onto a piece of paper, you'll automatically begin to prioritise and figure out how you'll tackle your tasks.Share your tips with us on Twitter and join the #MicroBizMatters Day revolution!

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