The weird and wonderful world of music festival merch on eBay


Festival season is upon us and, over the coming months, musicians will spread across the country - like a particularly aggressive rash - to perform their most-requested Spotify songs to braying field-based mobs.To celebrate this glorious summer of music, MyParcelDelivery took to eBay. We wanted to find the weird and wonderful tributes to 2017's festival headliners. The internet's favourite online auction house did not disappoint.Have I told you about my cupcakes lately?Nothing gets your family asking 'why is there an old man in my mouth?' more than these Rod Stewart cupcake toppings. Celebrate the venerated rocker's appearance at this summer's Isle of Wight Festival with these alluring (and edible) toppings. For bonus points, put the finishing touches to your culinary creations while wearing this fetching Rod Stewart chef's hat. Da we think ya sexy? Yes, chef. There's a hunger in his belly already. It's time for mum's spaghetti.If you're off to see Eminem at Leeds or Reading, make sure to pack a hearty dinner in this branded Eminem lunchbox. This sacred vessel of hip hop also comes with its own branded thermos flask so you don't have to wonder why your tea has gone cold. Craig David all over your coffee table. Boink.Met a girl on Monday. Took her for a drink on Tuesday. She had questions about my Craig David mug on Wednesday. And on Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday. We didn't speak on Sunday. Little lion man.Lose yourself in the gentle gaze of Marcus Mumford with this multi-coloured interpretation of Mumford & Sons' extensive back catalogue. We're not sure why the 2008 song 'Liar' is given so much prominence on Marcus' forehead though. There's probably a story there. First time for everything.This novelty Ellie Goulding credit card is perfect for giving the old receipts in your wallet a bit of company. While Goulding is rumoured to have over $10 million in her bank account, you won't be able to spend your equally sizable fortune with this credit card as it's not actually real and will not be accepted by any retailer at point of purchase. Still, it's got a nice photograph of Ellie on, which is consolation if you can't make her performance at V Festival this year. A view to a kill.The question surrounding this lifesize cardboard cutout of iconic singer, songwriter and supermodel Grace Jones isn't so much around who should buy it, but rather why wouldn't you want it in your house at this very second? Jones can next be seen performing at Wilderness Festival or - if you want to purchase this and put it in your hallway - by the front door where she will warmly welcome guests into your home.

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