The My Parcel Delivery guide to packaging your Cyber Monday deliveries


Cyber Monday is upon us. What was once a dreary, innocuous day in November has been transformed into one of the biggest shopping events of the year. UK consumers shelled out over £2.8 billion in 2016 and all the signs point to another busy year for esellers again.With all those orders flying in, it's often easy to overlook the basics when prepping your parcels. So, in celebration of all things internet, My Parcel Delivery presents its top tips for packaging your Cyber Monday parcels - through the medium of memes. It's what Tim Berners-Lee would want from us.Choose the right box for the job. We'd recommend something on the sturdier side; a box made of corrugated cardboard will do nicely. If your items are fragile and prone to break, a heavy-duty, double-walled box will put your mind at ease.Protect your parcel. Keep your items safe and sound with plenty of internal packaging. Bubble wrap or foam will be fine and we'd recommend a minimum of 5cm padding to stop things rattling around.Don't use garden-variety sellotape or string to seal your parcel. Invest in some strong parcel tape to keep all your bits and pieces where they should be (spoiler: they should be all inside the box).Writing 'fragile' or 'handle with care' on the parcel isn't a substitute for proper packaging. Your parcel is going to be moved and sorted by machines. Cold, unsympathetic machines that cannot read. Always make sure your delivery has proper packaging. The robots demand it.Make sure you weigh your packaged parcel before it gets picked up by your courier. You won't be upsetting anyone if you've overestimated the size or weight, but you'll probably be faced with additional charges if your delivery is heavier or larger than originally agreed.

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