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We're always looking for ways to support smaller businesses in their early stages. Our day-to-day work involves helping small business owners save time and money with their parcel deliveries. Attending MicroBizMatters Day earlier this year, however, gave us the perfect opportunity to connect with businesses across a number of industries and share advice on all sorts of topics from running and financing a small business successfully to deciding when to hire your first employee.We're now collaborating with to provide you with even more tips. In fact, in each article of the series, our CEO, David Grimes, draws on his own experience of growing My Parcel Delivery to where it is today. David will cover a variety of topics, from recruitment through to gaining investment. We hope these will prove to be useful and applicable to all businesses.1. How to hire effectively as a small businessOur first article features David's key advice on mastering the hiring process. How do business owners ensure they are attracting the right type of candidate, who will fit in with existing company culture? How should they be handling the interview stage? And what should be included in a job offer to make it stand out from others? All these questions and more are answered in this article. We'll update this post with more articles full of advice for small businesses so stay tuned!

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