Selling on eBay? How to make the right impression


eBay, the online auction site, is an easy (and profitable!) way to shift those items you've got in your home and don't know what to do with. Remember that one person's clutter is another person's treasure!When you sell an item, the buyer can provide feedback and rate you on the eBay site. So if you want to sell more treasures in future, you'll want to get a good review and increase the chances someone else will want to buy from you.A bit of care taken in the presentation of your item is a simple and effective way to do this. An eBay buyer wants to feel they've found a true bargain, but that doesn't mean you can't add extra value through thoughtful touches that other eBay sellers might overlook.Protect the contentsMost importantly, the item should arrive in one piece and undamaged from the shipping process. Especially with something delicate, extra protection with bubble wrap or packing paper can make a good impression on the buyer. For more advice on how to pack a parcel, please read our Packaging Do's and Don'ts.Appearances matterLittle touches make a big impact. No one wants to receive something in battered or tatty packaging. So even if you're packing with recycled boxes, bags or bubble wrap, make sure it's all in tip top condition. We also recommend working on a clean surface, so that your materials and items are not covered in stray bits of carpet fibre, for example. And while it's crucial to pack items securely, take care not to seal the parcel in so much brown tape that it becomes impossible to open without scissors, risking damage to the item - or the recipient!Make it specialAnyone can place something in a Jiffy bag and post it. But what can you do to make your parcel stand out from the others? Wrapping an item in fresh, uncreased tissue paper always seems to go down well. Consider adding a sticker or a bit of ribbon. Colourful boxes or cotton bags for smaller items are also a nice touch. Just an extra bit of TLC can change a buyer's impression from neutral to positive.One thing you can do that online retailers can't? Include a thank you note. A handwritten note lends a personalised, caring touch that makes the buyer feel appreciated - and much more likely to give you positive feedback.

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