Post your guitar properly with this pretty awesome playlist


My Parcel Delivery gets out its vinyl collection and presents the top six tracks to help you properly post your guitar.Should I Stay or Should I Go, The Clash relationships aren't meant to last and, whether you've fallen for another or just want to clear out some space, it's time for your guitar to hit the road. You've twanged your last g-string and it's time to say goodbye. To quote one of this century's greatest philosophical thinkers: you are never, ever, ever getting back together.Resist the urge to lob it out of the window in a display of teenage rebellion though. There are a few steps to follow if you want to make sure it gets to its new home in decent nick.The Weight, The Band you do send your guitar out into the cold though, it's important to make sure you measure and weigh your package in order to get an accurate quote for your parcel delivery. You don't want to fear the courier.Broken Strings, Nelly Furtado and James Morrison first thing you'll want to do is to de-tune or slack the guitar strings. Taut strings could potentially snap and damage the guitar while it's in transit and no one wants that. Fact: 80% of death metal could have been prevented if guitar strings hadn't snapped in the post.Peace of Mind, Boston rock stars use protection, so make sure your guitar is adequately prepared for its journey on the highway to hell (also known as the M25 London Orbital at rush hour) by wrapping fragile bits like the tuning keys and frets. You can use bubble wrap, padded foam or polystyrene chips. Two out of three ain't bad.Gimme Shelter, The Rolling Stones, you can't just do a Springsteen and give your guitar to a courier to swing over a shoulder. Popping it in its case (with a sprinkle of polystyrene chips for good measure) and sending it on its way in a cardboard box will do the trick. If you're struggling to find a suitable box, troop down to your local Tesco (other supermarkets are available) and see if there are any knocking around the freezer aisle. Go ahead. We'll wait.Money, Pink Floyd you remember when Iggy Pop was in those adverts for car insurance? You don't? Let us remind you., how we chuckled. Although maybe the godfather of punk had a point. While most parcel delivery services provide some form of compensation cover as standard, it might be worth looking into a bit of extra cover if you're after more reassurance. One to be aware of though: the maximum compensation value for sending a guitar by courier is £100 shiny pounds. Or 300 Steve Brookstein albums in old money.Bonus track: Get a quote from My Parcel DeliveryMy Parcel Delivery provides metal heads across the country with an easy way to compare parcel delivery prices for their guitars. Enter your details into our comparison tool and get a quote within seconds.

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